Clark pulled himself from the room, mask and robes bunched up in his arms. His entire body was shaking, alight with the type of satisfaction he rarely had the opportunity to revel in. He leaned back against the door, clutching his things to a heaving chest as his eyes rolled back.

"Cred că sunt în dragoste." he murmured to himself breathlessly in his choppy Romanian, lips parting in a sigh. He was in love with the feeling, in love with the power and the heat of it all. It did. It burned through his chest and shot out his fingertips. It warmed the tip of his nose and every extremity and he was in love.

The crack of hurried footsteps broke him of his dazed illustrious afterglow. Straightening he took off in the other direction, taking the vacant steps out of the dungeons two at a time. When he reached the top, robes on and mask tucked out of sight, he was once again the suave creature he had been trained to embody. Back erect and jaw set he moved with an extra hop in his step towards where he was to meet Blake.

Grandfather.. I’m here." He called down the dimly lit hallway, his voice echoing off the bare walls. The door at the end was slightly ajar, firelight flickering just beyond it.

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"I’m doing everything you ask Father. I can’t be more delicate-"

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