Question of the Day: Where do you go for advice? 

My Grandfather.

Amortentia | Freshly bound leather, smoke and amaretto.

Day 5: Resources and abilities:

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Anonymous said: "five facts about your family"
  1. The colours of our crest are green, purple and silver.
  2. I am the last son of Rowle.
  3. My mother was disliked by every single one of my family members and no one mourned her death.
  4. My father and grandfather work for the ministry and apparently I am too - grand.
  5. We have more money than you.

Anonymous said: "five facts about you in the bedroom?"
  1. King sized bed.
  2. Shades of red and silver.
  3. Master bath attached.
  4. Stairway to an upper level personal library with a skylight. (Possibly my favourite spot in the whole house)
  5. The wall across from the bed is a mirror.. I do enjoy that.

Anonymous said: "what don't you believe in?"
  1. That people can change
  2. Any sort of afterlife

Anonymous said: "top 5 things you've done and enjoyed but would never tell your family"
  1. Had sex with a Mudblood
  2. Had sex with her Mum as well
  3. Spent money at the Weasley’s joke shop
  4. Hid Blake Vincent from Father
  5. Read Peter Pan

Day 4: Favorites and habits:

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Day 2:
How do they usually dress?

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Day 1: Basics and cosmetics:

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